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The Mood to Expect with the Weather

Mother nature has a lot of power above humanity, it can dictate what can be done and what will not, when it comes to checking the weather, most of us will do it just to be sure it will not hamper our work. It gets even more disconnected for people working inside office buildings all day because they will rarely notice any changes in the weather unless seated by the window. Depending on the people you ask and the experiences they have had in life very few people would agree to the weather affecting their moods, some will even find that absurd. The scientific answer to that however is a yes. Less exposure to sunlight has been said to make you sad regardless of the circumstances you are in. When you don’t have enough sunlight your body tends to produce the hormone, melanin, whose role is to make you sleepy and that way you lack the drive for most of the things you could do. Sunshine, on the other hand, makes you more motivated and it has been said that you will spend more when you have sunshine. If it’s raining outside its likely that you will be eating a little more than you do, this is because the body wants to keep the levels of serotonin up. You will not keep the levels of serotonin up for long as they fall really quickly hence more trips to you snack jar. For there to be a downpour, atmospheric pressure will go down and this has an effect of making the blood move to the tissue where the joints will have more of the blood pressure hence stiffness and pain especially when you are in an uncomfortable position for too long. When you are outside with good weather, your creativity and memory will improve. For the maximum effect of this, it’s encouraged that you spare half an hour and take a nature walk. Since sunny days come packed with energy and feel good hormones, you can easily get into a romantic mood and be helpful to others. Summer makes one of the fun-filled times where you can be out engaging in what you love.

Its best to spend time with the people you love. High temperatures drive up aggression and especially easily in people that are known to have high tempers. Cold temperature on the other hand just slows you, it would be probably be due to the fact some processes have also been slowed. The cold weather is known for little motivation and people generally being inactive since several body processes have been slowed. With such kind of weather, it’s best not to engage in complex physical activities because most probably the results will not be what you expect. The next time you check the weather, it’s advisable you also look at how potentially that could affect your mood now that there is a scientific connection.

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