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What You Can Get From Drinking Cascara Tea: 3 Great Benefits

It used to be just one or the other: tea or coffee. Now you can have both in one drink. ORAC Beverages brings you this tea in a bevy of flavors to choose from.

There are many developments in the tea and coffee industry at the moment, and the newest craze has introduced this exotic discovery. Ever heard of cascara tea?

You won’t find it widely available for now, but it is definitely on its way to becoming the newest tea sensation. When the seeds of coffee beans have been taken out of coffee cherries, the skin that remains is sun-dried, thus the Spanish derived term cascara meaning “peel,” and this is what the tea is made from.

The usual way of processing coffee beans deems the husks mere compost material in the past. Now, this byproduct of making coffee is being utilized to make this drink. The flavor is somewhat like that of rose hips or hibiscus. For those trying to avoid caffeine, it is good to know that caffeine content is not much.

This interesting new drink not only tastes good, but it helps reduce the waste from the coffee-making process by utilizing the husks. The great news is that you would not have to go all the way to Yemen or its neighboring countries because ORAC Beverages in North Dakota now produces it.

Find out here why you should make cascara tea drinks a part of your regular fluid intake:

2) Staying healthy. You can help yourself stay healthy by making cascara tea a regular addition to your fluid intake. The drink is full of antioxidants and electrolytes. It helps keep your immune system strong and even supports brain function.

It also has advantages to your digestive system and helps cleanse the colon. It works to improve sleeping patterns and reduce stress levels.

(2) Eliminates skin problems. Because it helps hydrate your body, the moisture levels on your skin improve to make it smooth and glowing.

(3) Promotes healthy growth of hair. Cascara tea promotes good hair health, having natural vitamins and minerals as well as calcium.

Go for cascara tea from ORAC Beverages. You are assured of the purity of contents and can even choose from five different flavors coming out really soon.

ORAC cold brew cascara teas a refreshing change to your usual cold tea drinks and use natural honey as sweetener.

If these reasons are not enough, know that the use of the cascara provides small farmers and their communities a source of income. Not only do you get good tasting drinks and resulting better health, you will be helping these communities keep a sustainable living.

Over the years, ORAC Beverages has worked to finding healthy alternatives in drinks enjoyed cold, such as teas. The company has been in this business for a better part of a decade. The attraction toward cascara is mainly the antioxidant benefit it gives to consumers. It is a wise option for those wanting to get a taste of a delicious and quality product in an age of soda and other high sugar beverages.
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